Revit schedule-how to set filter for multiple schedules at once

Anybody knows how to make this work so that each schedule get a filter with only one field.
What happens know is that each schedule gets all the fields added
(and,and, and etc)
I hav tried to chop the lists

dynamo 2.0.2 revit 2018.3

NFM-set schedule filter vu 01-13-sheet vinduskjema.dyn (34.1 KB)

To clarify:
this is the result i get when running the graph.
What i want is to have only one line on each schedule filter
not all the lines in all filters


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Can you take a better picture of your Graph? (can you explain a bit more of what you are trying to accomplish?)

Have you tried making multiple filters for each of your inputs?

Try using list levels @L1 for both inputs.


thanks.that worked