Revit Mass and Hosted Components Require Run Twice


As I work through the tutorials I try to expand on what I’ve learned and apply additional modification nodes to see how they interact. So I’m working with Adaptive Components, and in this case they are hosted to a Revit mass. This mass has parameters that control its shape. So I’ve created nodes to manipulate these parameters and everything works as long as I’m in manual mode and run the script twice. Is there a means to enable the script to run in sequence so that the hosted components will adapt to the new shape in the same run. I searched “Run twice” and came across a node “Transaction.End” but the output from that usage was to a custom script. See script image below.

I think I’ll try making a custom node combining those nodes that manipulate the dependent adaptive component and connect that with the transaction.end node as the output from the nodes that manipulate the host mass.


@jimk See if the below suggestion works



Thank you Vikram, that worked.