Revit framing elements - Snapping objects

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Is there a way to override the revit beam geometry so that it doesn’t auto snap to where revit thinks it should be?
We have a situation where beams are running through columns. Also where two beams run into the same column both beams are shown to cut back a large distance from the column. The point geometry is all correct however, the auto snapping is becoming a problem.
Correct me if i’m wrong but if i model the columns first then the beams should automatically stop at the columns. However in cases where we need to re-generate the columns we are finding that the column is broken by the beams. We have tried auto selecting the columns and detaching and un-joining with no success. Revit is trying to be too clever for it’s own good it seems. Any thoughts? Thanks

search for disallow joins in the package manager

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Mark, thank you I’m grateful for your response.
I will look into this and see how it goes.

Is there an alternative for this package? This one doesn’t seem to work in Revit 2023

Sometimes I have had to make line-based families (with the same profiles) to avoid the “smartness” of the official framing Families.