Revit Dynamo Combining Spring node family instance by geometry with Associate Family parameter


Have you tried to build it using a package where “associate” nodes are available? I have nodes for this both in a family document and a project version…I dont know if there are other.



The thing is that the Sping node allows me to create a family from a project but I don’t want to have to import manually material to the family template since our family library might change so I would rather be able to change the material afterwards. I was using the Spring node because i was giving me the possibility to create voids, but there might be a better option.
The script of @awilliams and @3Pinter is working fine in a family document but I have to select manually the freeform since there is no node to select all freeforms in a family document, or at least, I havent found a way.



It is a while ago, so I cant remember where I replied on such a problem… I have stored this locally, you can try this out.
Associate_erfajo_130.dyn (12.1 KB)
Associate_erfajo_130.dyn (12.1 KB)



It was quite a battle to download you package but works perfectly ! Thanks a lot



did you use the executable installer? that should run quite easy… manually installation is only for experts.
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Yes but all the packages are on a local server and the executable moved everything on the computer itself :wink:



Hi @erfajo, I though I managed to use is correctly but it seems that I still have some issues with it and don’t really understand how to connect the two parts of what I am trying to do. Attached is an example of what I am trying to do with a simplier geometry.

Test.dyn (36.6 KB)



So you have just open one of my sample graphs and copied that into you other graph… sure this will not work at all, how should it be able to do that?

the sample graph initiates with the below… something you obviously don’t have, so yes it will fail!



Hahaha, yes indeed that’s the one you sent me, I tried with replacing the directory path with the directory path of my file and the parameters with mine, which have previously been created in my family template, this was just an example, sorry …



please try to describe what you want, then it is easier to help you.

the springs node you have included does not work inside a family, it works from a project. At least it doesn’t take a family document, however, it might work in an open family document.

the nodes I have made supports open documents in the background… that is not all packages that support that. most is only “current” document supported.



Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I am creating a family, inside a project, my goal is automate the action of applying to everything that has been created inside this family an associate parameter.
May be, what I am not understanding very well is how the directory.contents node works. And maybe I am completely wrong with my approach.



aha… well this is mixed zone.

to use associate you need to be inside a document family. so the process could be that you create whatever you need to, then you have a family. you take then this family and open that in the background and do what you need to in the familydocument environment. in the end you load the familydocument back to you project file, and the you are good to go…

here is a sample in opening families in a project to do something with them, and then load them back again

Collect families in project.dyn (19.3 KB)



I might not understand how the associate parameter nodes works but it does not seem to want to take an Autodesk.Revit.DB.Document as a parameter, while the addsharedparameter node will.

(The blue nodes were there in order to replace the grey ones right ?)

PS : I really appreciate your help



My Bad, it works now ! Thank you so much for your help



well… I can see that you have only been in the forum for five-six days and you have pushed yourself into a very complex assignment. I hope you have made the tasks in the tutorial so you do understand what you are doing. otherwise will this be very troublesome for you.

you need to take those parts which you need from my graphs, none of them can be used in total, since that does not make sense for your purpose!

a quick and dirty hack on what you need have I combined below… build from here!
Test.dyn (32.2 KB)



For anyone who might be interested in the process, here is the dyn file :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot @erfajo, your help is really appreciated

Test.dyn (38.2 KB)



@erfajo Ok, I a still adding too many nodes, I don’t always use them in the most efficient way …



…year thats something to learn. dont do more computational work than needed, it takes up RAM.

What is worse is that you dont add the needed await nodes. this means that you can create an error by this. However, I can see now that I could also lower the number of await nodes with at least one… try to find the one which is not needed :slight_smile:



The one just before the associate.parameter node :wink:
I will create a custom node for this process, I think I am going to use it a lot :wink:

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correct :slight_smile:

this should do it