Revit Collabs with this warning, why?


Revit says check out your worksets when i do it so… it collabs, why?
I want to give a string input to 4000 walls

There is a certain point worksharing at the element level becomes slower than worksharing at the workset level. You’re modifying 4000 walls, which is 4000 things in under a second (assuming this is a single action in which you’re trying to check them out), and as a result the system either has to say "hey has anyone touched this? what about this? how about this? or some veriation on that theme 4000 times. Then it has to say “ok cool mark me the owner” 4000 times. This is bad enough when we think about it as 4000 elements, but it’s also any associated tag, schedules children elements, and the like…

Eventually asking and tracking all of that stuff is than asking once “does anyone own this workset, or are they marked as editing anything on these worksets?” and taking ownership of the entire workset if not.

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