Revit 2022 Core Width

I need to update to Revit 2022 (from 2019). I use a Dynamo script to access the core width of the walls - It works i 2019. I use Clockworks CompoundStructureLayers, but the width now returns Null. All the other functions in the node work.
Is there an alternative to Clockworks node or anything I can do to make it work?
Clockwork node
The picture is from Revit 2019.
Can this change be the reason?

Hi @jpe,

You can use the Get CompoundStructureLayers node of the Genius Loci package instead.
It is updated for Revit 2022.

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Thanks, you saved my day :smiley:

Thank you too! Was getting crazy since an hour, as Clockwork used to work like a charm :slight_smile: