Revit 2019 curtain system by face error


I am getting this error and i can’t figure it out why…any solution?WallByCurve.dyn (30.3 KB)


Can you translate the error into English?
That would help

Warning: One or more of the entry types do not match. A version of ByFace that requires type arguments (__array, __ array) could not be found

OK thnx, you have a node that takes two inputs.
One or two of them is giving you ****.
Can we exclude the Curtain System Type? and assume it is correct?
That leaves us the other input. Can you show more of the graph?
The CurtainSystemByFace follows the same rules in Dynamo as it does in Revit.
The face must be of a Mass or Generic Model

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I have attached the script in the comment below @Marcel_Rijsmus
i have try both options, selecting a face from a generic model made in revit and also converting a surface to a face, but any of those worked for me…it is quite strange, I think that i am providing everything that is needed but…can you look at the file and lets see if you can figure it out what is happenning?

Thank in advance for your support!

I saw you have two workflows in one Dynamo graph.
Keep you workflow clean of unnecessary nodes.
You have to provide me a revit file, family or cleaned project file with the family in there.
i can not test it for you like this.

Sorry @Marcel_Rijsmus here attached a revit and dynamo file with everything cleaned and I hope clear enough!
WallByCurve_FORUM.dyn (19.9 KWallByCurve_FORUM.rvt (1.5 MB) B)

There is no Mass nor a Generig model in your Revit file.
But i see what you are trying to do here but you are missing one step.
When you create geometry in Dynamo, it is not Revit geometry yet.
So from your Dynamo geometry you first have to make a family instance from it.
In the Spring package there are nodes that can do just that.
ImportInstance.ByGeometry is one of the nodes that makes Revit geometry from Dynamo geometry.
Now keep in mind you need to have a Mass or Generig Model in you Revit file first, then select a face from that family, and try again.

yeah but I cant use this component with just a surface that I convert to a face? is not the same? in the revit file there is not mass or generic model cause I have tried before selecting the face of the element in dynamo and it doesnt work neither…
thakns for your support marcel

You should know how to do it. :slight_smile: