Revit 2018.1 and the dynamo player

I was really thrilled to see what the new dynamo player would look like in Revit 2018.1

  • and I have to say that it was about time that it became posible to edit input values directly in the player :slight_smile:

BUT… why is it only limited to ‘textual’ nodes like Strings and Numbers to be used for input, why not Code Blocks and what about custom nodes?
AND… why is frozen nodes which works as inputs not hidden in the player?

@Racel, @Zach_Kron
I am not sure how it works in the Autodesk world, but would it be doable if the Dynamo team asked for improvements to the Revit team. My suggestion is let frozen input nodes be hidden in the player.
…And for the dynamo team. Revise the Code Block and custom nodes so they can be turned into an input node like the String and Number node (plus all those nodes that support the ‘input’ option).

Notice input as an option when right clicking

Input option missing!

Hi @erfajo

Here is the Video of the Dynamo player new features

And the other updates here


I know, and I have installed the 2018.1 update and have tested the ‘new’ dynamoplayer :slight_smile:
I am very satisfied with the improvements. It is a minor thing that I cant control that a frozen node isnt hidden in the player. It is also a minor thing that I have to revise my graphs from using Code Blocks to using String and Number nodes as input… but it should be fixed, especially that it would be doable to use Code Blocks as input.

Hi @erfajo
Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad you like the improvements!
We will look into the frozen node and address them in the future.
For the Code Blocks it’s a little more tricky but doable if there is a strong request from the community.
For the custom nodes it would be really nice indeed to have that.
The way I see this as a possibility in the future : a third party will create the custom node on Dynamo and then will have to create the node UI representation in Dynamo Player ( using some Dynamo Player API which doesn’t exist yet ). So the third party will have control over the DB level of the node and also over node UI representation in Dynamo Player.
Good news is that things are designed internally to make this possible in the future.
However , since this still requires a significant development effort we need to have a strong request from the community so that decision factors prioritize this accordingly. So please tweet about it on every occasion ! :slight_smile:

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i’ve tryed it. It is working for the input Data. But it says that i would be able to see the output directly in Dynamo…
is there a way to do that?
I tryed attaching a watch node to the end of the script. But the result did not came out in dynamo player.

Well… I found my solution. I just used the Watch node from the SpringNodes Package,
It worked perfectly!

Hi @ramoon.bandeira,
The watch nodes don’t appear by default. You’ll have to rename them to something meaningful to you. In the future we will have some flag similar to IsInput ( most likely IsOutput ) but we couldn’t make this change for the current version of Dynamo.
Thank you


Just for the record , that video refers to an old version of Dynamo Player with inputs we used for some internal event. The new real version as shown in @erfajo post is much cooler than that ! :slight_smile:

Is this new dynamo player available for 2017 ?

2018.1 is the version with the new inputs function.