Revision Cloud Workset Versus View

I’m working to schedule revision clouds and include sheet and view information. I had extracted the workset data for the full list of views and tried creating a dictionary so that I could see which view a Revision cloud is placed. However, I’m noticing that the workset data is inconsistent between the Revision cloud and the view and I’m stuck. Can anyone offer some insight on why this is? They should be the same from what I can tell.

Can you give a sample .rvt file?

So im assuming that you are placing Revisions on the Views and ot the Sheets?
Not my prefered way. Here’s an idea though

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@JacobSmall I’m not at liberty to provide my actual working file, but I will create an example an upload.

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@Daniel_Hurtubise in this case revisions are in the views. However, there could be instances where they occur on the sheets. My hope was that, because the clouds are annotations, that their “workset” would be the view or sheet that they are hosted on (which is what they indicate). But, for some reason, this workset id is not consistent in my working file, so the data cannot align in a dictionary. I wanted to use this method to go back on the revision work and then publish the output to an excel for revision narrative purposes. I had used a python script from one of the other forum posts but the output was incorrect. Not knowing python well enough I’m hoping to recreate the intended result through nodes/packages.

Legends perhaps?

An advantage to Daniel’s graph is that it would pick up revisions which had been applied to a sheet without a cloud…

I guess a problem is that a sheet might have 4 views… if the revision &/or cloud is located at some point on the sheet it won’t tell you what view it was referring to?

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I’m dumb…I didn’t workshare the file (duh!) Let me re-upload.Troubleshoot_Revisions.rvt (524 KB)

Doing some more digging, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears the workset id for any revision cloud is +1 of the id for the sheet/view it is placed on/in. For example: if the workset for a Revision cloud is “21686,” then the view/sheet workset is “21686.” So far in my definition it is working and as I clean things up I will post if anyone is interested.

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Always interested :slight_smile:

Check dependant views.