Reusing a parameter from a List of unequal length

I am working to automate my code counts and have put a graph together that allows you to select rooms, annotation, and doors. Chews on each item and populate the tag depending on the values for each. Now, the problem is that I need to populate each tag with the same information, but it is derived from the door selection which may not be a list of the same length. So, I would like to know how / if I can get the value from say 1 door, then use it to populate say 3 annotations with the same information. currently it populates the first annotation, but then leaves the other blank.

@SeanP, You could use the List.Cycle node. This wil repeat data based on a length (say the length of another List)…

Hopefully this helps in what you are trying to do.


Thank you Daniel, that was exactly what I needed.

No worries @SeanP, glad to be of service.