Retrive original name .rte


Is it possible to retrieve the original name of the .RTE from the current document (.RVT)


Hi @EzDoesIt,

I don’t think this is possible once the document has been created, only while a new one is being created, which I think is no good to you. Other than that I don’t think there is any other way, or at least, I couldn’t find one.


Hi @Daniel_Woodcock1,

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping that i could get this because we have different ltd. with different .RTE
I think i work with titleblocks instead these are also “tuned” to the different ltd.


Yeah, I was going to suggest that in my first response, but it requires at least one unique identifying feature that the template has and this might have been purged out or added in (and there was a high chance I would have been making a lot of extra work for you having to find this unique feature). Basically, it wasn’t a definitive answer and could have cost you more time than a simple no.

However, if you do know of unique features in your templates, then sure, this could work. My bet would be on an element, global parameter or view template you know only that template has, and that you wouldn’t purge out or add into the project later. Maybe create a csv with template name and identifier you can quickly read and check in your model instead of having to open up the template to check each time.

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While I hate suggesting this as it’s potentially inaccurate due to the nature of EIDs… you might be able to look at order of creation for stuff that is in both RTE to find a common set of relationships, and compare the the files to the order of those items in the model. A dead give away would be level 2, level 1, levels created by the user base kinda deal.

Obviously long term this would be lost if there was wholesale deletes and recreate taking place. Hard to do with levels. Alternatively you could write an add-in which saves a GUID for each given template into extensible storage, or check the document upgrade history I’d say template one started in 2020 but template 2 started in 2019.

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Hi @JacobSmall,

The titleblock’s are different so i can use this but see also this


@JacobSmall, Ha, yeah, it’s never guaranteed with EIds particularly if there is an upgrade to the revit template or doc. Writing an addin is maybe a little overkill for such a minor thing, a 5 min job for sure, but requires creating a Plugin which means scary C#. :grinning: I think easiest method is just having a model cover sheet for each template that is unique to that template as it should never get deleted and you can just check if the family is present in the .rvt doc.

Either way, there is no way official way to do this that I know of (other than on doc creation ie plugin), but there are potential unofficial ways to check depending on the uniqueness of the templates and/or presence of common elements.