Retrieve parameter


I am looking for a way to retrieve all instance parameter per group for example i want to show the parameter that under group Data only as picture below.

thank you

If it’s a built in parameter group you can use this:

and then filter that result

Hi @T_Pover
I know this way but I want to sort per group as provided picture.

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar

Use Sort.ByKey node connect parameter.string values to keys and parameters list to list. It will sort paramters per group.

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This might also do the job, depending on the output you are after?

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I will try it right a way thank you man

Hi @Scott_Crichton

Can you check for me that node from which package, thank you

Hi @Kulkul

I am trying ur way, I can’t find parameter.string node can u help please.

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar
It is a standard Revit node, just type it in the search and it should appear.

it’s only showed with Revit 2017, not with 2015