Resting mouse over connected node doesn't show output (Newbe here)?


Running through CADLearning lesson.
Connected nodes with valid input… resting mouse over node does not show the output as lesson describes.

What am I doing wrong?

NodesConnected_Doesn’t show output.dyn (6.7 KB)


Hi @mdhutchinson

You mean to say you can’t see the result when you hover mouse at bottom right?


Yes… the bottom right I guess. (I’ll look at this again)

The CADLearning seems to say you can rest your mouse anywhere. But the version is old apparently.


Which Dynamo your using?


I am using the latest version…
The version that CADLearning is using in the lesson… is older I am certain. Not nearly as many Nodes compared to what is in my Dynamo.

However, I just revisited this… don’t know what was wrong the other day… now I can rest my mouse anywhere on the Node and the result shows as CADLearning lesson says it should.

On question though… what is “No Replication Guide will be added” mean when I rest my mouse over the ‘Auto’ label in the lower right corner?.. and what is indicated by the ‘Auto’ label?
Never mind… should learn for my self… the Auto has to do with "Lacing’… which I do not understand yet.


You can read here about Auto Lacing:


I’m experiencing this issue now too- can’t see the results when hovering on a node. Any ideas on what may have fixed it for you?