Request to share your inputs on BMW Grill design by parametric modelling

How do we approach to rebuild this grill design using a dynamo algorithm, so that the design can be iterated in multiple ways keeping the BMW grill design theme

Grill BMW

Oh buddy, too little info for practical advice.

  • are you drawing the grille in 2d or 3d?
  • not clear in the picture, how is the pattern?

Thanks for the reply, I am only looking for developing the grill boundary shape in 2d curve, so that I can iterate it for multiple design shape analysis.


I’d use the picture in Revit to trace the shape and get the coordinates of the points marked in the screenshot. Maybe draw some lines over the picture that stops at those points and query for the end point. This way you’ll get the coordinates.

Later I’d recreate those points in Dynamo and use the node NurbsCurve.ByPoints to create the contour.