Request: "Apt-Get" for Windows

Recently I found an equivalent to “apt-get” for Windows, Chocolatey is The Package Manager for Windows, you can install, upgrade, uninstall multiple programs at the same time, like apt-get, some examples:

$ choco install blender
$ choco install Freecad --pre 
$ choco install sweet-home-3d

… and this is not just for programs because add-on, plug-ing, script, macros, complements, extensions, etc, can be managed from there.

in context, if a windows user wants to update their programs, need open each URL and download individually each program and this can be a pain, with choco you just need do this:

choco upgrade all -y

… could be a help for new users.


create a choco package for Windows, Linux, MacOS like this:

$ choco install Dynamo
$ choco install Dynamo --pre
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