Replicator guides

Hello, I am alessio, an italian student of architecture (Sorry for the English, please forgive my mistakes). I am trying to insert some parametric surfaces into dynamo, but I have some problems with the replicator guides. I do not understand exactly how they work.

Here there is a file where the behaviour of the replicators is a bit strange. Perhaps I do not use the right method to do these things. In particular in the third case, one needs to use the replicator always in couple “<1> and <2>”. ReplicatorBehaviour







Here a dyn of a parametric surface example. parametricSurfacesES13

Hi Alessio, replication guide can only be applied to a single function. For arithmetic binary operator like “+”, “-”, “*”, “/”, internally they are represented as a function which takes two parameters. So an expression like a + b + c actually contains two function calls. If you want to apply replication guide to it, you may need to break it down into subexpressions.

For example, you may rewrite “a<1> + b<2> + c<3>” to “(a<1> + b<2>)<1> + c<2>”.

The other way is to use a function:

def my_add(x, y, z)


return = x + y + z;


and call this function: my_add(x<1>, y<2>, z<3>).

Hope it helps.