I need to set parameter, but i have two situations ocorring in the same host.
So, i need to do something to make sum, not replace.

I made this image to be more easy to understand

Without seeing the rest of your graph I have to make a few assumptions, but essentially you want to keep your list structure when you get your windows within each wall.

So your list will look like this:

        [0]Window (1,8)
        [1]Window (2,4)
        [0]Window (1,8)
        [0]Window (2,4)
        [1]Window (2,4)

Then you can Sum each sublist to get the total area.

Here is the rest of my graph.

Janelas = windows
Largura = width
Altura = height

hello Daniel,

Try something like this:


Good job Einar.
Thanks a lot.

One more help, if possible.

How to make a condition?

if a number in a list is >=2, then 2, if <2, then continue the number.

No problem! I can answer the other question, but please start a new topic with a good title, that way we keep the forum tidy and make it easier for others to find the answers to similar questions.


Yes, you’re right.
Sorry about that!

Thank you again!