Replace Shared Parameters


I have to replace a large number of Shared Parameters in some families, type and group and values of the new ones are the same as the old, the only thing that is going to change is the name.
So, how i can replace the olds parameters with the news in Dynamo?

I’ve tried to export shared parameters from my family, take the values from there and now I want to replace that parameters not only put values in new shared parameters, it would be “too” easy

It’s not a Dynamo solution, but give this tool a look into;

I tried solving this in Dynamo also and had no luck (many kept saying it was possible, but would never actually point to a solution or package that could swap the parameter itself).

Keep in mind that I believe no node/app can get around the limitation of nested parameters in grouped/arrayed nested families. This will always cause an error or try to ungroup.

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So i have to surrender at the idea that your tutorials and Dynamo couldn’t do anything this time.
It’s really strange that we couldn’t do this task. What i can’t understand (or yeah, I undertsand, but why?) is that family parameters are so easily to manage, but shared parameters are completely on an another level.

So thank you very much for your reply!

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I’m sure it’s possible, but for now I haven’t cracked it. Someone else might be able to help more :slight_smile:

Maybe try this?

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Let’s try!

I just wanted to revive this thread to let you know I’ve figured out how to do this, and added custom nodes for it to my Dynamo package here:

The workflow requires the parameters to be replaced with family (non-shared) temporary parameters, then replaced with the new shared parameters. Video on the channel in a couple of weeks most likely.

This has easily been the most requested workflow in recent times I’ve received, so I hope it helps others!


Thank you @GavinCrump! Now i’m trying to working on with your new custom nodes! But if I can imagine the workflow, it doesn’t mean that i’m able to realize it, so when you’ll go to publish your video you will solve a big deal for me and many other people

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Video coming out next Monday.

If you’re brave, you can try to figure out the source script which is already on the github;

With your script at the moment I’m brave like the lion in “The Wizard of OZ”.
I see the nodes, however I’m not so confident with the programming language. I have to study.
Next step is working on it.

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I’ve found my personal solution. I know that it’s quite complicated, my workflow works in three different steps, it’s not so clear and beautiful but it’s working!
I have to find a better way to manage the relationship beetwen the lists of parameters (maybe using Excel), not consider built-in parameters and other little things, but here we are.
Today is a great day!
Thank you very much Gavin!

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Well done :slight_smile:

On Monday the workflow will be out on the channel so hopefully it helps you find some shortcuts in the process!