Replace item at index with levels

So I have a list I need to split, some of the values do not have the separator so nulls appear in the lists. Is there a way around this or by going down the replace at index route how do I replace the nulls with the values that I have extracted from the original list?

hi @Peter_Jenkins,

I’m not getting the null values like you do when i recreate the data as strings… but i am when i include numbers…

So maybe the solution is to convert the data to strings and then convert them back to numbers afterward you have removed the “,”. (Assuming that is required?)

Like below:

EDIT: to include second image.



Yep that worked a treat, thanks.
For learning purposes I would like to know how to manipulate values at levels better.

Most of the time its practice and experiemntation. I learnt alot about Dynamo by just "i wonder what will happen if i change the lacing here or the level here.

The Primer has some good information in it as well. Good luck on your Dynamo journey, its 5pm UK time, off to the pub. :slight_smile: