Replace generic annotations to a 3D family


I am trying to mass replace families from a “Generic Annotation” family type to a “Security” family.
The family I am trying to replace it to, has to be on a work plane (wall), but the generic annotation doesnt need that.
I tried the script below, but it doesnt replace the annotations with the 3D family I want. I tested it to see if it works by changing it to other annotation families and it does.
Any ideas or thoughts?

Well, the thing is that even in the UI, Revit doesn’t allow you to switch from annotation family to a 3d family, let alone a face based family.
The procedure I will follow would be something like this:

  1. Extract the placement point of the annotation families
  2. Get the wall faces to place the family
  3. Create new instances of the 3D family in these points and faces
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