Removing rows and columns from imported excel table/list


I have a list that I’ve imported from a csv table. To make the next dynamo steps simple I need to delete the first two rows and first two columns in the list. I can get the next steps working if I modify the csv file, but it is standard format csv table that I have to work and it would be a hassle to do that every time.

This seems like it should be straightforward, but I couldnt make it work. How can I approach this?


@mtaylorFQ8NW ,

Can you share some screenshots? maybe it is just indexing, droping and choping items? :wink:

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List-> Modify → Drop Items, should work to drop the first two rows. For the columns I dont really have such an easy method. I should look deeper into the possibility’s. Can you show the way the csv file gets imported?

Drop item set to 2, followed by drop item to 2 with the list input @L2 and longest lacing should do the trick i think. That or the other way around if not…