Rehost Line-Based Families

Revit has a problem grouping hosted families when the host has more than one hosted element in the group. Line-based families are particularly troublesome.

Instead of recreating all my LB families (ton of work) I’m thinking I could make the Group in the project, save it out to a new RVT file, and then run a Dynamo definition that created new host elements (Reference Planes would be ideal) and rehosted/recreated the families on these hosts.

I can create Planes in Dynamo but they’re not Reference Planes in Revit. The only RP creator I can see in Dynamo uses the Z axis. I need the X/Y. Even then I don’t see a way to rehost/recreate the family in this way. I can transform the coordinate system (not the same thing I fear), and I can create a lin-based family on a level but that defeats the purpose.


Hi Greg,

To be honest, that sounds like a pretty tall order. The API doesn’t have a creation method that creates line based families on a host plane. The closest you can get is probably this:

But you’ll still need to create a temporary face , extract its reference and hope it works. There is no method for changing an element’s host post facto either.

That’s unfortunate. Thanks.