Recreating surface from sections CAD

Have someone idea how can I do this?
The idea is similar to this from 2012, I want to build a surface from polylines references on the section views. I need to recreate a surface from this CAD informations

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Hi @Eduardo.Soethe,

Here’s an example for you to try. Does it get you close?

SectionViewToSurface.dyn (365.9 KB)



That’s it, you did so fast. Thanks for saving my bacon! :laughing:

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:open_mouth: what! so cool!

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Omg… I’ve tried to do this before and couldn’t get it working :sweat_smile: I’m definitely going to use this. Thanks Zachri!

To be honest, I haven’t encountered a situation yet where this would be necessary. If I needed to reverse-engineer a surface from a set of plans, I’d probably use the alignment, profile, and typical section to build a corridor (assuming it was provided). Can anyone share an example use case?

When I was trying to do this, my intent was to create a complex datum surface for the purpose of roadway quantity and earthwork calculations. I had highly variable sections that seemed difficult to model as a corridor. Although my skills with corridors is highly limited so perhaps that is why this script is highly useful to me.

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Thanks Shaun!

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It’s a good option to create geological surfaces from sections.