Read width and hight of fences ( Typ & Exemplar) - putt them together

i try to read the Width and high of Doors and Fences,
Variable Fences have Exemplar-Parameter “Width”, other Typ. So i need to put them together.
I add them with “+”
Next I try to round the Entrys, but with the nice “Springs” Node “String.SpecifyDecimalPlaces” one time OK, one time, my entry have a “,” as separator, then it fails.

This has been adressed in the past but I cannot find it. There could be several options but one of them is to replace comma’s by points using String.Split with “,” as a separator and then String.Join with “.”

I think clockwork has a few math.round(precision) nodes which can help in place of the Springs node.

You can also do it manually by multiplying by 10^X where X is the number of decimal places you want, which effectively moves the decimal X places. Next you use the math round node to get rid of anything after the shifted decimal. Lastly divide by 10^X to return the decimal to its original location.

i think there is a way to do this with the modulo operator as well (%) but I can’t recall it offhand and am not able to test right now.