React TP3/Dynamo....Parametric truss issues

Hi, I have attempted to replicate the parametric truss of 21/01/2016, with the aim of importing into react structures. definition attached. I’ve taken some liberties and in my definition and have come unstuck, could the forum look at the def and provide some comment or feedback. How do I assign multiple analytical bars, same section properties to only part of a list? When I run the analysis there seems to be an issue with well, with most things, however the live load case is not transferring through. Additionaly, I have attempted to use list to identify graphically what node, point curve etc is identified by a particular index. The process seemed to work for the first item, however subsequent items were not highlighted, i selected the appropriate index, with the list.getitemat index highlighted. It would be great if some definitions start to get posted. dynamo_truss_Rev_A




Not very familiar with React Structures. However, you can avoid repeating nodes by doing the folllowing

Thank you Vikram. I thought that there would be a more effective solution.

Code blocks do appear to be a bit of a silver bullet, some quite smart people out there. I am new to Dynamo but have GH experience.

I have seen a number of your posts, appreciate you contributing.




Kenyon, in this case the code block doesn’t do anything magical. It just complies data into one list. Let it not intimidate you :slight_smile: