Re-Run a script and create new detail items rather than replace the last created

I have a script that for usability purposes I want to be able to run per selected level rather that take multiple level inputs and run all at once. Is there anyway to do this so that dynamo doesn’t remove/replace/change the detail items it created in the first run but rather create new items at the currently selected level?



I think if you were to create the detail items using a custom Python node it would have the expected functionality. I don’t think there is a way to “detach” newly created elements from a node, so you can either create all of them for all levels in one go or you have to come up with a Python node.

I’ve found that it will often help if you run the graph then close dynamo. From there reopen Dynamo and rerun the graph.

John: I actually tried that but the version of Dynamo we have doesn’t appear to break the association until you completely close out the revit model as well.

Ok so it seems if you don’t use a pre-built node but instead call the same revit function in a custom code block then closing and re-opening dynamo allows new items to be created.

While not ideal we can work with that.

It would be nice if there was an option to break/remove the revit element/node association between runs rather than have them permanently linked.