Re-Create OOTB Family Type Node Functionality?


I have a graph that creates sheets and user can select the title block using Revit OOTB “Family Types” Node. Everything works fine.

I then tried to remove the user selection by filtering to a specific titleblock. I can get everything identical (ID# etc) but when I plug it in, it only creates 1 sheet. It doesn’t seem to Loop through the same.

What is so special about the “Family Types” OOTB node that allows the loop to work correctly and how do I get this same functionality after I filter. See image below.

The family types dropdown will produce a single item.

The result of flattening a list is still a list.

Auto lacing will look at the inputs and if there are two bouts which are a list, Shortest lacing will be used, limiting the total count to the length of the shorter list. If all but one inout is a singleton, Longest lacing will be used, and the items will be reused until every item in the list is utilized.

So you have two options: pull he first item out of the list and use that the input into the sheet creation node; or set the lacing in the sheet creation node to Longest. I prefer option 1.

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List.FirstItem did the trick, thank you Jacob!

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