Raybounce and Hide in view

Dear Dynamo users,
I have an issue which I’m not sure I’m handling correctly. I’m hiding an element in a certain view but the raycasting node keeps bouncing on it. What exactly am I doing wrong.
PS when I’m hiding the element manually in Revit then the function works properly.

Maybe try using a Passthrough node from the Clockwork package, or if you do not have the clockwork package you can use a code block (copied directly from the custom node):


The output of the List.GetItemAtIndex would be passed to the passthrough input and the output of the View.HideElements would be passed to the waitfor input.

Very impressive. Thank you very much. If you could explain for a second why this solved the issue I would be very grateful as well.

I believe the HideElements node was executing at the same time as the Raybounce node. The Raybounce node was accessing the view before the elements were actually hidden, therefore appearing to return the wrong output.

I assumed. Thank you so much

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How did you get the Solution for it.

Can you Please help me out.

i want to trace the Elements at multiple Elevation, i,e Service above the Service.

need to identify the Services count at particular Location in plan.

i have done the Raybounce and got the only the Bottom Services But not the Services above it.

Thanks in Advance.

What do you mean services? What exactly is the problem? How to create the vectors or how to get the elements? The problem in this case was that the hide view node did not perform before the Raybounce and therefore all elements were included in the Raybounce. As described the elements that need to be hidden go to the passthrough input and the Hide in view node goes to the wait for input. Then the vectors of the Raybounce, bounce on the proper selection of elements and not all the elements.