Random Material Location/Offset in a Family

We have a wood slat family that contains an array of a nested slat family. We want to use the same wood material for each slat, but we want the material pattern location or offset to be random (so that they don’t look like identical pieces of wood all in a row). We got stuck as it seems like it’s impossible to create a parametric dimension tied to a model pattern line. Is there a way to randomize the material texture/pattern location or do we have to create separate materials for each different pattern location?

I don’t think that’s exposed via the API, but someone might be able to correct me. Previously I’ve used 6 of the same material with slightly different offsets, and randomly placed.

I’ve had the same issue, and I happen to find a way around that. It’s best to create a solid material and then use voids to cut out the different slats, that way the material you apply to the solid with be a larger bitmap of the material and therefore it’ll look random. I hope that helps :slight_smile: