Ramp revit api

are ramps exposed in the revit api? if yes, where, I dont find it…
thanks in advance

What do you need to do with ramps?

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I am creating a railing in an inclinated slope and I need a host element, in this case a ramp, not an stair. It needs to be developed with the Revit api, so it works outside dynamo as well.

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Hi @perezmartinezIgn and welcome, it should be fairly easy since it requires an element Id for the host , in your case a ramp element, take a look at the api docs:

It has an example at the bottom as well.

thanks for your comment @tradelie,

I want to generate the ramp with the revit api, not only the railing, and this ramp generation with the revit api is the issue. :slight_smile:

@perezmartinezIgn in this case I guess no it is not, did you consider using a floor element instead?

Why not using inclined floor as a host instead of a ramp?