Questionnaire on the implementation of Dynamo for my engineering bachelor

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Please help me out by filling in this questionnaire ( 5 minutes max )

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For my internship company i am determing whether they should start using Dynamo or not, to increase their overall quality/efficiency.
They are an engineering firm that mainly speciallizes in modelling concrete drinking water purification ‘factories’. Because of their broad in house knowledge they are able to model entire projects themselves. They have divisions for piping, electrical, structural and architectural engineering.

When i started working there i noticed that noone uses or knows anything about Dynamo. To give an example, Multiple PDF’s with different sizes were printed individually before i made a printing workflow in Dynamo for them.
So it is safe to say, my company has no experience with automating Revit.

They have asked me to see whether Dynamo should be used by them.