Question: SpringUI.Input.Password Node

Hello @Dimitar_Venkov good day,

I am very curious about how to use SpringUI.Input.Password node and I’ve already gone through with your instructions and usage from this node description. But I still couldn’t catch it :sweat_smile:
Please, if you have some extra spare time


Thank you Sir, have a great day.

Drat…I dereferenced one of the dlls when updating the package o\

First thing first, download the latest version (132.1.1) :slight_smile:

What I had in mind for the actual usage should be pretty straight forward (but it’s yet to be seen how practical it will end up being in actual use)

  • the end user (you) and the password consumer (someone developing a service for you) would agree on a secret word. The developer would hopefully find a secure way to embed that secret in their code.

  • the user would then input the secret word on his end like so:

    and finally enter their password.

  • the password would immediately be encrypted and the encrypted version will be saved in the graph (so when you save the graph and you or someone else opens it later, the encoded password would still be there, ready to be consumed by the service provider). The secret will not be saved and will only persist for the current session.

  • the only way to decrypt the password and be able to use it, is by knowing the secret:

  • you’ll have to be able to trust the service provider. Otherwise if he has malicious intents, knowing the secret they could intercept the password on their end and view it.

Hope that clears things up.


Amazing as always, and thank you for your explanation and guidance. :grinning::hugs: