Question on Family ID/Number

Hello! I have a quick question. I’m doing some family parsing in Dynamo (very new to Dynamo BTW) and I was wonder what this “Green Number” is. The chairs in the scene are a family that are dropped in. So I’m guessing this is a family ID? Can someone shed some light on this for me?


That’s the element ID. It uniquely identifies each element.

Is that the static element ID then? Clicking on an item in the scene in Revit and viewing it’s element ID gives me a different value. Or, is the value that is showing up in Revit only pertain to that scene/file?

Dynamo lists all elements in your node by creation time. The green number is the id number for Dynamo.
The IDs in Revit and Dynamo are not unique ids.
There is a node for that…called something like “unique element id”

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Thanks for the clarification, Fiesta.


Incase it wasn’t obvious…

You can use the green one in Revit for ‘Select By ID’