Query: Creation of timber screen with different profiles randomly distributed along length

Hi All ,

Newbie with Dynamo here so apologies if this question has been answered before.

I’m trying to create a timber screen enclosure that wraps around a curved stair.
The screen comprises of 4 different timber profiles (ie 50x50mm , 50x100mm, 100x100 and 50x150mm) all to be evenly spaced and aligned with the path/shape of the stair but their distribution/quantity has to be random.

I was able to achieve this easily in Railclone for 3Dmax but ideally I’d like to keep it all within Revit/Dynamo for quantifying and fabrication.

So far I’ve managed to create a screen but only with 1 profile. Is there a simple way to input 4 profiles and have them randomly distributed?

Thanks in advance


Lets see how far you are, show a screenshot, so its easier to get help…

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