I am finding that the query system is a bit limited especially in the instance of creating custom nodes…

Back in the day, you could access a lot more eg. if you had a line as an input, you could retrieve Line.Startpoint, Line.Endpoint, Line.Length, etc…

Am I missing something obvious - can you access more of the API through code blocks?

It’s all there:


Hi Matt,

If you’re referring to the Revit API, unfortunately it has never been possible to access it with code blocks.

If you are referring to the default Dynamo set, most graphical nodes are recognized in CBNs, with a few exceptions. The autocomplete however mostly works for list, builtin and create commands. For action and query commands on objects, you’ll usually have to type in things manually. You can see an unofficial list of commands available in CBNs by typing “_”


Man, you guys are great. Thanks for the replies- I will be playing a lot more with code blocks and familiarizing myself!