Quantity take-off for the same component from different modelling approaches

Hi, Can Dynamo get the same quantity of the component from different modelling approaches? For example, as the pictures show, I want to get the quantity of the beam and slab. The Revit schedule function will get different quantities (e.g., beam’s quantity: 1.98m³ for joined, 2.34m³ for half-joined, 2.7m³ for unjoined overlap and abutment) because as you can see they are joined differently. But according to the standard of measurement, the height of the beam should measure to the underside of the slab (i.e., 1.98m³ for the joined situation is correct). Is it possible that I can still get the correct quantity for the beam (i.e., 1.98m³) and slab in these different modelling situations using dynamo? Thanks!

The models are here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuUxQXnV6I5diiamxkc2iiuEj0Kw?e=oCLzld

Hi @Howie,

Through Dynamo you could get the Solid(s) and then Unionize these solids.
Then you have a single Solid which contains both in a single Solid, then you can get the volume :slight_smile:


Hi @Daan,

Thanks for your reply. But actually I want to get the volumes of the beam and slab respectively. If I unionize these two solids together, I am afraid would it be the case that I can only get the volume of the unionized one?


I see, how do you then deal with the “Unjoined overlap” situation?

The same rule. The height of the beam is taken up to the underside of the slab. The remaining upper part should belong to the slab’s quantity. In other words, the quantity of the slab has higher priority than the beam.

I am following your advice to unionize them together. Then I think maybe I can split the unionized solid according to the rule and get the volumes. I am new to dynamo and just start to learn the solid-related things. I will update it if I success. If you or others have other advices, any help would be much appreciated! :grinning: