PythonScript and Packages

Can I write a PythonScript Node and use site packages like LunchBox or any other within the script?

How can I import the packages?

Hi @agr4el

It kind of depends, as many of Lunchbox nodes are simply custom nodes which are in fact python scripts you can accomplish what you want by copying the code from the custom node into your own script.

If the code is a zero-touch node however I’d say that it is possible to use it in Python in the same manér as you would in a DesignScript node.

Hi @Jonathan.Olesen

Thanks for your reply. So the package of interest in my case is DynamoSAP. All nodes there are zero-touch nodes.

When I try to use a node in my code I get a warning about a missing definition. When I try to import the DynamoSAP module it yields “No module named DynamoSAP”

Any ideas what’s wrong?

I can’t tell you the entire solution but I’d give this a read: