Python lacelongest

i have wrote a python script but i have got an error because i have to make the lace longest.
how could i do that with python node ?

The python script node doesn’t support lacing. You’ve basically got two choices - either define a custom node with the correct input type (can be a tad slower):

or handle the lacing yourself:

Edit: just noticed you’re asking for longest lacing and not cross product. In that case, check out the izip_longest function:

from itertools import izip_longest
a, b = IN
OUT = []
fill= a[-1] if len(a) > len(b) else b[-1]
for i, j in izip_longest(a, b,fillvalue=fill):
    OUT.append(i + j)

that is so helpful, i will follow that
thanks @Dimitar_Venkov :slight_smile:

@Dimitar: Could you post a sample file please.

Thank you in advance Michael

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