Python Data Clear

After having issues with saved graphs containing python that I ran once not reexecuting on other users machine until the nodes are broken, ran and connected to run again. It would be nice if you could select a python node and clear its data manually possible from the right click drop down inorder to cause the specific block to have to reexecute

Is this something outside the realm of adding a blank input toggle to force reassessment of the code upon input changes?

So my issue is that when I open the DYN again after I ran it once and I don’t change users inputs on the python for a static set of commands (always want to inspect the same views) it seems to skip over the python node entirely and ignore its commands. Is there a way to save the file without that run history or clear it because it feels like it is storing the results somewhere? reason being I am using Clarity to run dynamo tasks on vm to process models and it skips over all of my python scripts unless I manually open them and play with a Boolean defeating the use of dynamo for me.

This shouldn’t be the case.

Does the issue reproduce without clarity being involved? If so post an issue containing a sample graph to the GitHub issues page here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub