Purging 'Revision Schedules'

When I’m running this script, I get an error that says it cannot change the name of the following ‘Revision Schedules’.


The problem is, however, I can’t find these ‘Revision Schedule’ anywhere in revit so I can delete them.

Any clue on how I can purge these from the file? I ran purge already too, found nothing.

I can find them by ID, but don’t know how to delete them.

Thanks Much.

Revision schedules appear in titleblocks on sheets. Delete the sheet and the revision schedule is gone, too.

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  • Bingo, I deleted the ‘Revision Schedule’ in the ‘Title Block’ famlily and reloaded.
  • ran script
  • then reloaded ‘Title Block’ family w/ restored ‘Revision Schedule’.

Cheers, Thanks.