Pulling Uniclass data from Revit

Hi all,

Ive searched around on this forum and cant find a mention of Uniclass.
Im trying to pull Uniclass data from model items and present them in some custom fields Ive prepared.
Has anyone got experience of this or perhaps know what function I may use?

Have you tried with Element.GetParameterValueByName?

Yes I have. It doesn’t seem like its one of the parameters available to Dynamo though. The data is in the revit model so I should be able to manipulate it through Dynamo surely?

It should be. Post a screenshot including any error messages and maybe a sample file, and someone will be able to look at it.

Hopefully someone has a suggestion as im confused why there is no mention of Uniclass in this forum considering its standing in relation to data in BIM.

What happens if you use the built-in Element.GetParameterValueByName?

Nothing. Neither function recognise the ‘name’.

Hello, short answer:

Classifications are type parameters.

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@john_dillon_skanska Could you drop your dummy rvt file here?

ive cracked it now, thanks guys.