Pulling information from one schedule to another

Hi all,

I am new to Dynamo and hoping to get some help. We have two schedules… Is it possible to pull information from two columns in one schedule and place them into the other schedule in the same named columns, based on a 3rd unique column that exists in both schedules? This would be similar to a vlookup in Excel. The preference would be to write directly to the 2nd schedule, but an alternative would be to have an excel file dumped out with the merged data. We are using Revit 2015. So my questions are…

  1. Can this be done with Dynamo? If not, is there another way to accomplish this?
  2. If this can be done with Dynamo, how do I pull specific columns from the two schedules?

Schedule 1 contains fields called job number and task number
Schedule 2 contains fields called job number and task number, but they are blank
Both schedule 1 and schedule 2 contains a field called part #, and this would be used to map the data between the two schedules.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. I have an idea of how this would look in Dynamo, but I’m having problems even pulling the data from the specific columns.


All of this seems to be possible, you can use keywords (such as read from excel / write to excel / dictionary by keys values…) in the search field to find first guidance