Project point on a surface

Hey everyone is there a way to project a point on a surface. (All I have is a point and a vertical surface of the wall)
To correct the position of my beams

Walls are line-based elements so it is POSSIBLE to get the normal vector. Seem that you have some dynamo scripts here (indicated by blue dots).

Could you show us so we can help you fix it?

The Archi-lab package from @Konrad_K_Sobon has a node for this called “Wall.ExteriorDirection”

  • but the issue here is, that the user has asked almost the same question twice, and still ignore providing the bare minimum for getting help, meaning providing the graph showing work progress so far.

Sorry about the misuse, In fact it was the first issue (I tried to delete it but I can’t), and I had the right to show only one photo. The issue isn’t the same because I changed completely my approach.

Here is my Dynamo File (can’t open Revit without the company’s server licence).
I can Send you screens monday.

To explain what I did for the moment:

Objective: Créacte a lintel (beam) on each window or door of my projet (for structural analysis, I export my model on Arche Ossature)

What I did, I Selected all my windows of the project, used the function

  • Bounding box by geometry
  • Bounding box min point
  • Bounding box max point
    To extract two point suse them to create a curve and a beam based on that curve.
    But the problem is as shown on the photo the points are not alined with the wall, I want to project them on the wall and my problem will be solved.
    I found another subject " " so the idea is to project my points on this surface.

Thaank you for your time

E2 création poutres sur fenetres V3.dyn (29.7 KB)