Project parameter composite from project information and text family parameter

Hi to all,
I am new here and I would need help.

I need to create new text project parameter that should composite of project information(project number) and family text parameter (panel number).
In the end it should look like this
QRCode= Project number_panel number.

Family text parameter-panel number is a parameter prepared in the curtain wall family. Each panel in the project has its own number, which we specify in the project.

Project information-project number is always the same in project.

If anyone has done something similar I would ask for help or just for hint where to start.


Dynamopdf_print_.pdf (425.6 KB)

I did something but there is a problem because it only connects me to the first panel number and not all of them, probably because there is only one value for Project number.

Can anyone know how to set code block to take the project number for each panel number?

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Change the lacing on the set node to longest

If I change the lacking it takes number of first panel for all panels.

Thanks anyway

Ow, sorry
You need the lacing to longest set on the codeblock node.
So the a +"_"+ b
The way to do that is in the replication guide lines for DesgnScript.