Problems with GD (v21.16.10)

I have installed Generative Design v21.16.10.
This is probably the latest version at the moment.
In Revit2021, the window does not appear when I click “Open Generative Design Tools…”.
A window is displayed for “Create Study”, and even if you try to start “ThreeBox Massing”, Study is not easily generated.
Also, when I click “Create Study” in Sandbox or Civil3D, I get a JavaScript error like the attachment.
Please tell me the solution.
I send you gd-app.log and refinery-server-log.txt.
スクリーンショット 2021-03-15 132328gd-app-log.txt (5.4 KB)
refinery-server-log.txt (55.0 KB)

Regarding the case where the study did not start easily, it was due to the proxy settings of the corporate network. This has been resolved.
There is no change in the situation regarding JavaScript errors.
What is Desktop ADP SDK wrapper…?