Problem with Temp Isolate in View - Clockwork Package


I’ve got an odd issue with the element.temporaryisolateinview node from the Clockwork package. If in error the view is set to Project View when I run it with the script below it removes all custom content from the Project Browser and other than reopening the project there seems to be no way to get them back. I’ve Louis over on the Autodesk forum try this as well but he gets an error returned (the only difference is I’m running 2015 and he is running 2016)

Anyone any ideas on why this would happen or how I can prevent it from running if the view is set to project view?

Screen cast here :

Sorry, should have said, dynamo 9.1 and C.lockwork 0.90.3.

That’s more to do with Revit’s silly shenanigans than with the way Clockwork’s node was set up.

You could easily jury-rig a little bypass that checks if the selected view matches the project browser and pass along a null value that’ll grind the rest of the graph to a halt: