Problem with Run Radiance Analysis node

I am trying to calculate Anual Solar Exposure with HB in Dynamo but the output of Run Radiance Analysis node is always empty. I have tried different recipes but it does not work.
Any help regarding this problem?


@najme.dokhanchi do you get any errors from any of the nodes? Also just looking to your geometry if you’re trying to run the ASE for the roof the result will be 100% of the time!

Hi @Mostapha
No , I did not get any errors from any of nodes except in the sun path node the sun scale item does not work for me. Actually I picked the roof for test pints to be sure that I will get the result but unfortunately it does not work either.

I am getting an error in my script when I run radiance analysis.

IT seems like I have everything connected properly as I set it up the same way you set up your sample files on git hub.

Solar Analysis.dyn (37.4 KB)