Problem with copy element from linked file to active document

Hi all,

I am trying to copy walls and floors from my linked file to my active file. This is needed to get all the parameters (type and instance) from my linked file.

Problem I stumble on: When copy then I get the message “Duplicate Types”, which brings me 2 problems.
1.) I don’t want that message, cause at the end of the script, the copied elements from linked will be deleted.
2.) I also get the “Duplicate Types” message on my levels. So it appears that besides the floors/walls, also the level is copied from linked to active.

1.) How can I turn the message OFF
2.) How can I manage that online the floors/walls are copied, but NOT the levels?


I know the workflow manualy. If that happend so the project has allready these types.

You can try link in empty project and try it again!

Or you have to “purge” the project before coping from linked file…

I do also embedding the project and erease all elements!
so at least you will have all families from the file