Problem output custom object from external assembly

Hi all,

I would like to ask if any of you have encountered this problem before. I’m trying to output a custom object from an external reference assembly. However, it reports this error “Ask to convert non-convertible types”. I have tried to cast this custom object to common .net object but it still give me the same error. I used static zero touch method to output. Any help is appreciated.

Hi all,

Since no one answer, I would just answer myself. Hope it helps other. It seems that all the reference assembly has to be in the package folder too. And yes, casting the custom object from reference assembly does the trick too

Is SetUp.OpenModel a standard node in Dynamo?
Because I couldn’t find it.

Even if it’s your own, if you think a comment solved your problem please mark it as solution.:wink:

I cant find mark as a solution button. Yeah SetUp.OpenModel is my own custom node

It’s hidden behind the show more comment. :wink:
If you want people to help you you better show the insides of the node because people can’t know what’s going on in the node and why it wouldn’t work.