Problem of Solid by Loft

I have a list of cross sections and the distance between them is different. Therefore, I want to set a condition — ‘if the distance between cross section is smaller than 1400, then it will not be lofted between them.’
However, after I set this condition, there is a warning shown in the node ‘Solid by Loft’. Below is the script. In the case of my script, I want to loft it from 0 to 8 in the list and from 11 to the end.

If your Polycurves are indeed in the correct order within the list, (as per their linear arrangement) then all you should need to do is use List.Clean node to remove the null values, then split the list at your required index, before passing the two lists to the Loft node.

At the moment you are trying to Loft Null values, which it clearly doesn’t like :wink:

I have tried it but there is no change. I still can not loft it from 0 list to 8 list and 11 list to the end.

Add a list.clean with a false value after the List.FilterByBoolMask node.


After I added it, even the distance between the cross sections is smaller than 1400, they are lofted also. Do I need to separate the list first or what should I need to do? Thanks